Choose Your Own Fish


In Patterns & Processes in Fish Diversity (OEB 130), Professor George Lauder's students create entries for the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).  

Students choose a fish that does not yet have an entry or only has a very sparse entry on the EOL. Students can choose from one of several groups. Students then have to research their species. Included in the research process is a trip to the "fish collection," which is a library of fish in jars in the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Students create a draft, which the teaching fellows read and provide feedback. At the end of the semester, students have a finished page which then is posted on the EOL.  

The class has a symposium where students present their fish and receive peer feedback. Throughout the semester, students have practice presenting during lab. One by one, students rotate out of lab to practice their presentations. Lab occurred every other week, and each student got the chance to practice presenting once. One third of the symposium presentation grade came from students and the rest came from the instructors.