ABLConnect is an initiative of Harvard's Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with the following schools and organizations.

Center for Scientific Teaching at Yale: The Center for Scientific Teaching at Yale works to "transform undergraduate science teaching at colleges and universities across the United States" by using "evidence-based methods of 'scientific teaching' and its cornerstones—active learning, diversity, and assessment—in programs to train faculty, instructors, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students in teaching and mentoring."  They state that their aim is  "to inspire a larger, more diverse population of college students to pursue majors and careers in science."

The Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence:  The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) houses three programs: the International Teaching Assistant Program, the Teaching Assistant Program, and Faculty Program. The CTE "strives to strengthen teaching across campus in a multitude of ways, from disseminating research-based best-teaching practices to ensuring that instructors have the support and resources needed to help their students learn better. These programs support graduate students as they begin their careers as well as faculty members as they continually aspire to achieve excellence in teaching."

The MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory:  TLL takes part in education innovations being developed at MIT.  It offers a variety of courses and workshops on pedagogy at the college-level, and it carries out assessments of and research on teaching in higher education.  TLL "plays an important role in MIT-wide innovations in pedagogy, curriculum, and educational technology that both strengthen the educational experience for students and impact national and international initiatives in STEM teaching and learning."

MassBay Community College eLearning: MassBay Community College's online program offers blended/hybrid and fully online courses.  This format offers courses as rigorous and innovative as in-person courses while allowing students to "major in flexibility."

Pre-Texts: Pre-texts is an initiative through the Romance Language and Literatures Department at Harvard University.  It is headed by Doris Sommer and it integrates the arts into academic learning in order to promote passionate engagement in the learning of literacy and higher-level textual analysis.  Pre-texts is appropriate for all education levels and socioeconomic statuses, since it makes creative use of everyday items. Pre-texts offers a variety of workshops, training and resources around Cambridge and throughout Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  Check out for more information and ample resources.

SLATE (Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence):  SLATE is the Harvard Kennedy School's teaching and learning center, launched in 2007.  SLATE offers pedagogical training and events to HKS faculty, including an annual "Teaching Week" when faculty members make their class available for observation by HKS colleagues.

VA Boston Healthcare System:  The VA Boston Healthcare system, in addition to providing healthcare to America’s Veterans and carrying out award-winning research, has strong affiliations with Harvard Medical School and Boston University Medical School.  A leader in healthcare professional education, VA Boston is one of the largest training sites in the country, educating over 3000 learners each year in the professions of medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistants, and many others.