Visual Essays and Makeover Parodies


Students in Caroline Light's general education course, Sex and the Citizen, create five-minute visual essays in response to Brenda Weber's, Makeover Nation. In order to do this assignment, students must complete the assigned reading and gain familiarity with iMovie, Prezi, or PowerPoint. These visual essays or makeover parodies are meant to address issues of identity and citizenship central to the course.

Professor Light uses the Bok Center for resources for this assignment. Students receive a list of technology resources for those who want to rent equipment or need training. At least one month before the assignment is due, the instructor gives frequent reminders in lecture and section about the project and the resources available in order to maximize students' success. 

After creating the movies, students discuss the experience in class. Professor Light suggests offering time for students to share their movies with each other. 

This activity was created with the help of Marlon Kuzmick and Head TF Stephanie May.

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