Exploring Medieval Chinese Religions


In this activity, students discuss three religious traditions of medieval China to consolidate knowledge and bring out the similarities and contrasts.

Before the class, students have already studied the three religions. In a class of 5 - 6 students, three of the students are assigned to one religion each. The remaining students are assigned to be “undecided”. It is useful to make these assignments the week before.

During the activity, the three students assigned to religions try to persuade the undecided students to follow their religious ideals. The format for these presentations is flexible, but the students should know how they are expected to portray the religious ideals. Giving short speeches may not be the best option.

Then, the undecided students discuss why they would choose one particular religion or why they would try to accommodate multiple traditions. The other students are also invited to discuss which tradition they would have chosen.

Not only does this activity allow the students to review what they have learned and analyze the differences and similarities, but also it emphasizes the way in which these religions represent significant life and value choices for medieval Chinese people.