Workshop Conferences


For the third paper of the semester, Jerusha Achterberg has her students do small-group workshops where they read and provide feedback for each other in groups of 2-3. 

Students submit cover letters along with their drafts which indicate what elements in their paper they want to discuss and what kind of feedback they are looking for.  Then, students read the cover letters and essays written by their group members and write a "reader's letter" to each group member.  In return, they will each receive a "reader's letter" from their peers in their group.  In class, in groups, each paper gets 10 minutes of feedback and then 20 minutes of general discussion.  These times are approximate and it usually takes about an hour for 3 people to do this.

Jerusha provides a handout with questions that will guide the author's preparation, the "reader's letters," and the discussion.  The handout is below. 

handout.pdf110 KB