Leading Swedish Class


In Swedish Ba, Ursula Lindqvist has students lead discussion on a current topic relevant to children's issues.  This course focuses on children's literature and culture.  

This intermediate Swedish class is taught according to themes, and in fall 2012, that theme is childhood.  Sweden has been at the forefront of children's rights issues and has some of the most famous children's listerature in the world.  Thus, there is ample to draw from when students lead discussion.  Twice during the semester, students research an issue in Swedish newspapers, present it to the class, and then get the discussion going.  This provides students a way to practice reading and speaking in Swedish, while engaging with important current event topics.

Here is the description of this structure from the syllabus:

Twice during the term, you’ll be asked to present an article to the class and lead a discussion on a contemporary topic relating to childhood and children’s issues in Sweden. Sign-ups for leading these discussions will take place during Week 2 of the term (the week of Sept. 10).