Swedish Music Videos


In this activity, Swedish Aa students view music videos of Swedish pop songs ("Ingen vill veta" and "Du vill så du kan") to practice helping verbs and as a prompt for in-class language practice.

The instructors, Suzanne Martin and Ursula Lindqvist provide the lyrics for the songs.  Using Camtasia, a screen recording and video editing software, they also highlighted the important words in one of the songs.  For homework, students have to follow along with the songs and, using Swedish, answer questions about what they see in the videos and about the contents of the songs.  The homework questions lent themselves well to class discussion, particularly of which song the students' preferred and why. In class, they also listened to each song again in class and the instructors pointed out the differences in dialect; one song is in a more cosmopolitan dialect while the other is sung in "skånska," a dialect native to the southernmost Swedish province of Skåne.

The music videos can be found here, here, and here.  See the corresponding lyrics and questions below.

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