Language-Learning Blog

In Swedish Ba, Ursula Lindqvist's students do their writing assignments online. They do blog postings where they respond to certain prompts and react to each other's postings. Students first receive a training session on how to do the blogs, and then they begin receiving these assignments every other week. Ursula prints out and marks up the blogs (without correcting them) and students have to go back and edit their postings. Ursula reads these postings ahead and time and uses them to guide the discussion in class.

The class blog is part of the class website, visible to only students in the class.  However, students get extra credit for going public and hosting a real site.

The description from the syllabus and a screen shot of the blog is below.

This semester, you’ll be taking your writing assignments online so that you can read and respond to one another’s work. These blogs will gradually increase in length and difficulty. You will receive a training session on how to create a blog during Week 2 of the course (watch/listen for announcements about which classroom we’ll meet in that day). These blogs will always be due on a Friday every other week starting Sept. 21. Detailed instructions and grading criteria will be forthcoming in the training session. This should be a fun assignment!