Tissue Engineering Articles


In this activity, students choose a recent journal article on tissue engineering and then lead a 30-minute discussion with the class on the chosen article.

Each student presents on a different week of the course, so there are different due dates for everyone. First, each student chooses an article that covers a recent topic in tissue engineering, such as a technological advance, clinical study, or policy study. A week before the student's presentation, he/she must get the article approved by the course instructor. Then the student writes a three page report about his/her article, including a thorough review and critique. The students also comment on possible future applications of the work from the article. Finally, the students prepare questions for a 30-minute class discussion.

The purpose of the activity is to thoroughly and accurately review an article from a reputable, high-impact science journal and to generate discussion in the class. The activity is meant to be enjoyable and creative.