Primitive Navigation Final Project


The primitive navigation final project will involve researching a topic that requires data gathering and analysis, along with research into the history associated with that topic. The final presentation will take the form of a video that will be posted online.

The SPU 26 final project will be done either solo or with one to two other people. If students want help finding partners, they have a matchmaking service using an online form. They select a topic of their choice, review topic with instructor and modify, then form hypothesis to be tested. Then they design a test and review it with the instructor and modify. They conduct that test and gather data, which they will review and do a preliminary analysis with the instructor. The students will re-do any testing or data analysis as necessary. Finally, they will make a video presenting the results and upload the video to course website for evaluation. The video must consist of the hypothesis, methodology, analysis, and historical background of the students' chosen topics. 

This is an effective way for students to conduct an independent foray into the scientific method without a cook-book lab approach. Students have chosen a wide variety of topics (please check attachment) and the assignment was a very fruitful process. But, students need to meet with instructors regularly as they are not accustomed to this type of independent research work. 

The attachment is a handout with full instructions for more details.

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