Other Minds


"Other Minds" is a rolling twitter feed that students participate in during lecture.

The instructor can either make the feed visible or set it up so that he or she can see it but the students cannot. Students can be anonymous or choose to include their name.  Other Minds allows them to express their confusions, questions, or desire to hear more with twitter-sized phrases without the anxiety of raising their hand and stopping the lecture.  The instructor can then tailor his or her lecture accordingly.  Other Minds can also be a resource that shapes section; the feed can be saved.

This technology is available on Poll Everywhere's Twitter page.

A sample feed is below from Professor Beerbohm's lecture in Gov 97, and a sample screen shot is available for download below.

What about systems where citizens can more easily amend their
constitutions (as opposed to the American system) or remove judges
more easily, but still with great difficulty?  

how is nine robed justices in a temple of justice democratic in
regards to the anti-majoritarian thesis?    

could smith be an example of how the courts may forget minority groups or many disenfranchised groups?        

Is it possible that the Supreme Court chose this case because it was
obscure? Perhaps because it allows greater ability to reshape
interpretations of the free exercise clause?    

so are these accommodations a necessary component of democracy?    

how are judges democratic if president appoints them?   

It wasn't on a turtle, it was on an elephant that was on a

Have a series of challenges for each person on the boat, like making
fire and building shelters. Then, periodically vote people one at a
time off of the boat, until there's only one person left, and give
them a ton of publicity and a cash reward.      

what do YOU think would be the best method?     

Or perhaps those that can best swim will be thrown overboard...and when they are tired of swimming, switch those people out.  

Cool painting!  

what was the institutional recommendation?      

cant a court count as "majoritarian" process? Majority of judges, we approved of having a supreme court      

what about minority rights?     

Does Waldron believe in having courts at all?   

3 arguments for what? judicial review being important?  


slow down      


As a californian, I thought that everybody stopped that way.   

Can you please speak slower?    

If not for Marbury v. Madison, could the US have moved to weak
judicial review? What traditions/philosophies could we use as

This is pretty cool! Thanks.