Humanitarian Funding Simulation


For one activity used in SW24: Global Health Challenges, students participate in a simulation of groups proposing grants to a funding agency to deal with a humanitarian crisis.

Before the activity, students are expected to have completed the assigned readings. The activity builds off topics from lecture. The instructor breaks the students into groups including one group used as the funding agency, the "judges." Students have time to go over their position and put together a plan for what they would do, how much money they would need, and why they deserve funding. The judge team has to think of questions and criteria for evaluation. After each group presents its case, there is time for debate and discussion and then the judge team makes the final decisions. The purpose of this activity is to get students to think about the competing actors in global health and how to choose a policy decision when there are many options.

This activity was created by Professor Sue Goldie and the teaching staff of SW24. 

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