Adopt a Country


In Societies of the World 24, Global Health Challenges: Complexity of Evidence-based Policy, students "adopt" a country to follow and research for the semester.

During each section, there is usually some activity in which students explore the country they have chosen in relation to the global health topic being discussed. Sometimes they have to look for news articles; other times they have to go through data provided by the teaching staff before or during section. 

There are many activities used. 1) Each team fills out the stats for their country on the board and then discusses comparisons across the countries. 2) Each team uses to plot the countries and explore the relationship between different development indices. After each activity, the class discusses the overall results. See the attachments below for information on some of the activities. 

This type of activity works because it is part of the larger class. Every section does these activities: coordination between all TFs makes these activities better.

This activity was created by the team of TFs including head TF Zach Gierson-Nieder, Professor Sue Goldie, Jennifer Yeh, and A.J. Kumar. 

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