Generating Reading Questions


Throughout the semester, Jerusha Acterberg gradually shifts the responsibility for coming up with reading questions from herself to her Expos students.  

In the beginning of the course, students are given discussion questions to think about as they do the readings. Questions ask about content, how the authors would respond to each other, and the authors' motivations as writers. The general sequence of questions is from ones that are more concrete to those that are arguable.

Gradually the list of questions gets shorter, until by the end of the second unit, student are told to come up with their own questions and then try to answer them.

Jerusha notes that, early on when she provides questions, this is helpful for students that aren't comfortable with discussion because they know what to expect. Overtime, this helps the students become more conscientious readers and critical judges of style.  It also helps the student be prepared with something to say for discussion.

For sample discussion questions, see the attachment.

discussion questions.pdf85 KB