Education in the Economy

In this seminar, students work to determine causal relationships and engage with readings about the economic environment of education. Each week the instructor posts questions relating to the readings, and students are encouraged to post their answers online.  The questions ask the students to identify important points in the readings and also to apply and extrapolate from the readings.

The questions from week one are pasted below, and the questions for the entire course are attached.

Milton Friedman, Chap. IV, “The Role of Government in Education”

1. What is Friedman’s argument for government intervention in education?  What other reasonable arguments can be made?

2. What educational interventions by government are justified according to Friedman?

3. The current U.S. educational system evolved in ways that Friedman does not detail (but which we will discuss in Ec980b).  What would he say is wrong with the current system and what might he suggest to make the system operate better?

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