Globalization Character Simulation

In Caroline Light's course, WGS1238: Consuming Passions, students participate in a simulation where each student acts out the persona of either an invented/fictional character or a real public figure. They then debate a question regarding globalization in order to develop critical thinking and contextual skills around the course's topic on agency in the global marketplace. 

Students receive instructions through handouts posted on course isites. They are given links to more information about each "character" and links to relevant readings from the course. Examples of characters include Angela Merkel, a worker in an export processing zone, a sex worker, one of the creators of product(red), etc. (See attachment for a list of characters.) Students have to formulate an argument based upon their research on the given point of view and defend that point of view using the materials covered in class. Professor Light also allows them to conduct some outside research on their chosen character so that they gain some additional insight into the complexity of how human subjectivities frame individual decisions and choices. They then deliver brief position speeches to the class and take challenges/questions from their classmates and instructor. 

The debate/simulation lasts through one two-hour class, and then students follow up by submitting (1) their position paper and (2) a response paper to one or two of the other actors, to the course website so that all can follow up on the isite blog.

See attachments below for more detailed instructions. 

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