Ancient Novels Sales Pitch


After reading all the novels, students split into groups and "pitch" their favorite novel to the instructor who plays the role of a publisher. 

Before the activity, students should have read all the novels and chosen a favorite. They divide into groups based on this preference. The instructor emails them a few days before section to give them time to strategize and talk to each other about their sales pitch. They also have 20 minutes at the beginning of section to work together. Then, they deliver their pitches, one group at a time. 

After the activity, the students discuss which novels would work best as cinematic productions and which would best map onto the modern conception of the novel. Then, the instructor announces the winning group and gives them a prize, like chocolate.

The goal of the activity is for students to deliver persuasive arguments regarding the texts they have read. Ultimately, this exercise helps the students write better papers. The activity should be presented as a competition to engage the students. The tastier the prize, the better!

NB: The creator of this activity asked to remain anonymous.