Bible Adaptations and Imitations


In his Bible in the Humanities section, David Weimer had students present a modern object that makes an allusion or reference to the Bible.  This activity allows students to explore modern-day understandings of the Bible as they relate to the original text.

Early in the semester, two students signed up to present each week.  Each presentor was to give a 5 minute talk that explains the reference, what it says about how the original text is now understood, and whether the reference characterized the original text correctly.  The presentors also had to discuss what they could now say about understandings of the Bible that they couldn't before section.

One student brought in a clip from the Simpsons of Flanders going through the sufferings of Job.  Another used Lady Gaga's song Judas, and some brought in art.  For example, one student discussed a contemporary Christian artist that mixes references to Christ and Iraq.

Here is the description that David gave the students:

Presentation of Adaptation or Imitation:

Each of you must sign up for one week in which you will present either 1) a piece of artwork that uses or refers to some verse or theme of the part of the Bible we are reading for that week OR 2) an imitation of a section of the Bible from that week’s reading. These presentations should highlight for the class the relationship between your object and the Bible and what you take to be the significance of that relationship. Your presentation should end by posing a question for the class to discuss.