Indexing Lectures

In this activity, lectures were indexed by topic and posted online so that students could re-watch segments on specific topics.  In Math 23b, Professor Paul Bamberg offered students extra credit for indexing lecture.  They would create a document giving the time breakdowns for each topic.  This would then be posted on isites as a guide to the already-posted lecture video.  Not only did this encourage students to re-watch lectures, but it led to the creation of a valuable resource that other students could draw on.

Here is an example from the first lecture.

Math 23b/Math E-23b 
Tuesday, January 24 
Index: Lecture 1 
00:00  Introduction 
          CA information 
          Course administrative business 
10:00 Page 2: Extending integrals to more than one dimension 
22:13 Page 3: The overall plan of attack 
27:03 Page 4: Some useful definitions 
30:15 Page 4: Revisiting Riemann integrals in one dimension 
41:30 Page 6: Generalizing to n dimensions 
46:37 Page 6: Limitations 
52:53 Page 7: Some theorems 
55:34 Page 8: Proof 12.1 -- start to finish 
72:50 Page 9: A useful product rule: Proposition 4.1.16