ABLConnect Innovator Prize

The ABLConnect Teaching Innovator Prize celebrates Harvard University instructors for their active learning teaching efforts.  We usually award three or four submissions, which receive a small honorarium and the opportunity to be showcased on the site. 

With the Teaching Innovator Prize, we recognize great teaching at Harvard by highlighting some of Harvard's most thoughtful, effective teachers. 

Who qualifies?

Instructors from all schools, departments, and teaching positions are welcome to submit their activities. Activities include section lessons, labs, homework assignments, debates, short lecture activities, semester-long projects or any other pedagogical undertaking that engages students in learning in a creative or unconventional way.  The deadline is June 1, 2020.

Winners have come from a wide cross-section of disciplines and schools and have included college fellows, grad students, professors, lecturers, preceptors and others.

How do I participate?


To enter the competition, please spend 15 minutes filling out this application. Entries must be sufficiently detailed to qualify.  


Contact ablconnectwebsite@gmail.com with any questions.