So, what types of teaching do we support?

Active learning involves non-passive engagement by students in the learning process.   

Activity-based learning involves fieldwork, public service, community-based research and internships in conjunction with in-class work.

If your lesson, lecture, project, assignment, discussion section, etc. is unusual or interactive in any way at all, it probably qualifies.

Active Learning and ABLConnect in the Press

Are College Lectures Unfair?

September 12, 2015

The notion may seem absurd on its face. The lecture is an old and well-established tradition in education.  Read more

Those Who Can Do, Teach

March 9, 2015

When Dustin Tingley taught the Department of Government class “International Conflict and Cooperation,” his students learned firsthand the role that partisan politics play in shaping the American response to international crises. Read more


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