Sesame Street Interactive Quiz

Children were randomly selected to be encouraged to watch Sesame Street.  This interactive quiz asks: Which plot shows the randomized encouragement and which shows actual watching?  Interactive quizzes ask a question related to a previously-taught concept and then have students text in an answer.  In this case, after learning about randomization, students were prompted to identify a plot of pretreatment test scores for a randomized treatment.  After texting their answers, students explained their logic to each other.  The instructor then asked the class for the right answer.  A volunteer explained, and then the instructor went through each answer, explaining why it was right or wrong.  See below for the corresponding powerpoint.

Interactive quizzes use or similar technology to allow to students to text in their responses or enter them on the website.  The instructor can display the results immediately.  Click "Technology" in the menu bar above for information on resources that facilitate interactive quizzes.

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