Economic Growth and Democracy Speed Dating

Students go on "speed dates" where one half of the class is in charge of theoretical articles while the other side takes on case study readings.  On their date, they check their compatibility.  The instructions are below:



Speed dating: Economic growth and democracy style

Last week our readings focused on potential (and sometimes conflicting) explanations for the relationship between economic development and democracy.  This week our readings focus on specific countries, in some cases looking at the relationship between economic development and democracy in the country at hand.

Below I assign each of you a reading from either last week or this week.  You are to take on as your own the argument made in your reading.  I will give you about 7 minutes to remind yourself of the main argument made in your reading.  Then we will have 15 minutes of “speed dating.”  You will have five minutes to introduce “yourself” (your argument) to your partner, learn about your “partner” (their argument), and try to determine if the theory is compatible with the case study.  You will do this with three people.  Then we’ll reconvene and discuss which arguments/case studies were and were not compatible.  


More theoretical readings

Case study readings



Przeworski and Limongi

McFaul and Stoner-Weiss