Student Film Guides


The Art of Film had a semester-long discussion structure that got students actively involved in shaping the direction of section.

The students watched films every week in lecture.  At the beginning of the semester, pairs of students were asked to chose a certain week during which they would be responsible for choosing the 2-3 clips from that week's film that best demonstrates the concept being taught.  The presenting pair was instructed to discuss their selection in advance with the TF.  

The sequence of section was the following:  During the first part of class, the class discussed the key terms for the week and the film's construction.  During the second part of class, the student discussion leaders led section.  They prepared the class for the clips by telling the class what to look for and, after watching the clips, got the discussion started with a relevant question.  Next week's presenters then provided "coming attractions" for the upcoming section.