Clue Language Game


In this "murder mystery" activity, a beloved professor has been murdered in his mansion.  The students have to take on the roles of different characters and, using Portuguese past verb tenses and relevant vocabulary, solve the mystery.

Students act as various Clue-like characters, like the butler and the colonel.  Each person knows their room and weapon at the time of the murder.  In groups, each person explains where they were and what they were doing when the crime occurred.  After hearing each others' alibis, each group chooses a member of the group to put on trial.  Together, they write out their accusation against this person.  The suspects are then tried, where they can defend their innocence.  The class then votes to determine the culprit.  By inquiring into the other players' whereabouts (via accusations), students gradually deduce the murderer, the weapon, and the room.  The entire activity is conducted in Portuguese.

For the handout with directions and relevant vocabulary, click below.

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