Quick Write

Pre-Texts Poetry

In this activity, students appropriate and manipulate the words, grammar and themes of a “classic” work in order to develop their own styles as creative writers. By turning an iconic medium into a popular genre, students learn that classic writers have done the same thing, borrowing and stealing other people’s words.  … Read more about Pre-Texts Poetry

Blitz Thesis

Overview: Students respond to a quote by and formulating for and against arguments on the spot. 

Goals: Encourages students to develop mental agility by constructing arguments quickly and helps prepare students for exams.


  1. The instructor gives students a question or a quote from an author.  For example, this activity was done with two quotes from George Decker and Carl von Clausewitz.  
  2. Students are prompted to argue in favor or against.  They write for 5 minutes and lay out an argument, give… Read more about Blitz Thesis

Foreign Language Dialogue - Four Days in September

Overview: Students watch an excerpt of a foreign language film without sound and work in groups to craft a sample dialogue utilizing new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Goal: Grammar development and review

Introduction/Background: In this simple language activity, students employ Portuguese and content knowledge to create a short dialogue that imagines what characters in the film Four Days in September are saying.  (Four Days in September is a Brazilian film based on Fernando Gabeira's book O que é isso… Read more about Foreign Language Dialogue - Four Days in September