Physical Activity Challenges

    Students take part in weekly physical activity assessments to better understand how to implement interventions to improve health through exercise.

    Goals: Students will...

    • Understand how their, their activity levels (as well as those of their family and community) compare to recommended levels of physical exercise
    • Experience first-hand the challenges of changing physical activity behavior
    • Gain knowledge of an arsenal of validated tools that they are able to bring to their families, clients, or patients for real life...
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    Clinical Trials Smackdown

    This activity teaches skills in critical assessment of the peer-reviewed published literature.  It focuses on analysis of clinical trials in mental health, but the principles and methods are readily generalizable to other scientific literature.  The “Smackdown” approach represents an augmentation of the traditional “journal club” mode of teaching critical scientific reading skills.

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    Mining Shakespeare

    This activity was a group homework assignment. In groups of two, students tackled the issue of whether Shakespeare was the actual author of all his attributed works using machine learning techniques, including clustering.... Read more about Mining Shakespeare

    The Blank Syllabus

    In "The Blank Syllabus" activity, the instructor leaves assigned readings blank for some of the class sessions. The second writing assignment requires students to choose a reading from the course anthology--a reading that is then assigned to the class, thus filling in the blanks on the syllabus. The students get practice in writing about a reading of their choosing in the first assignment.... Read more about The Blank Syllabus