Foreign Language Dialogue - Four Days in September

    Overview: Students watch an excerpt of a foreign language film without sound and work in groups to craft a sample dialogue utilizing new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

    Goal: Grammar development and review

    Introduction/Background: In this simple language activity, students employ Portuguese and content knowledge to create a short dialogue that imagines what characters in the film Four Days in September are saying.  (Four Days in September is a Brazilian film based on Fernando Gabeira's book O que é isso Read more about Foreign Language Dialogue - Four Days in September

    Pre-Texts Poetry

    In this activity, students appropriate and manipulate the words, grammar and themes of a “classic” work in order to develop their own styles as creative writers. By turning an iconic medium into a popular genre, students learn that classic writers have done the same thing, borrowing and stealing other people’s words.   Read more about Pre-Texts Poetry