Student Co-Teaching

For the course "Stories of Slavery and Freedom," a History and Literature seminar, Professor McCarthy has students lead the class, starting with close readings, then short presentations, and finally co-teaching the seminar. 

To prepare for these activities, students have to do all the week's readings in advance of the class discussion/debate. The instructor has his students do "provocations" each week, where they start the class with a guided close reading from the texts assigned, then development a road map for provoking and navigate the debate and discussion for the 2-hour class.

McCarthy meets for an hour with students beforehand to make sure they have a clear plan for the class session. This is crucial, as students generally do not have a sense of how to inspire and guide discussion and debate among their peers. He meets with every pair of students for at least an hour (over lunch or coffee is usually a good way to do it).

See below for the course syllabus. 

stories_of_slavery_and_freedom_syllabus.doc47 KB