Project on the American Racial Order

This open-ended project sends groups of students to interview non-profit or community organizations dealing with racial, ethnic or migration issues.  Groups write final papers integrating their own and other groups' experiences, in addition to the class readings.  This project combines theory from the class readings and information gathered from community contacts.  Students choose one or several topics from the course and write either an analytic, descriptive, or normative paper, drawing on the theoretical readings and their own and other groups' field notes from community organization interviews.  

Shauna Shames, the TF for the course, notes this project requires the instructor to find the nonprofit organizations ahead of time.  Additionally, she observes that the project worked well for a couple of the groups, but that in some groups, each person didn't have enough to do.  She also points out that, as it stands, the project has students visit the nonprofit only once.  She thinks it should be more than that; perhaps students should volunteer for three days.

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