Problem Oriented Policing Assessment

The purpose of this activity is for students learn more about "Problem Oriented Policing" (P.O.P.) methods, in contrast with traditional and community approaches to policing, and it was meant to especially drive home the challenges and complexities of the Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (SARA) model of police work.

The students first read a series of articles on various contemporary policing strategies, then take part in an online training simulation (link) developed for police officers learning P.O.P. This could be done individually or in small groups.

In Matt Kaliner's class, the simulation involved street prostitution, but ultimately covered a wide range of crime and tactical issues. Students were directed to reflect on what they learned from the simulation in light of the assigned readings. In particular, they had to assess the benefits and challenges of the P.O.P model. They wrote a 1-2 page response paper, and discussed their responses in section. They received instructions from a prompt.

See attachment below.

Problem Oriented Policing Assignment