Geology Field Trips

In EPS21, Professor Francis MacDonald takes his students on two short field trips in order to teach them how to make accurate observations and interpret them.Prior to the trips, students learn how what they will see relates to the theories from the course.  They also receive field trip packets that prompt the students to make observations and asks how they would interpret those observations.   The first trip is a day trip and the second trip is overnighter.  For the first trip, students visit Squantum head and the Boston Bay and learn how Boston formed.  They work in groups of 2 or 3 and collect data which they use in the following week's lab.  For the other trip, students go to Mohawk Valley and talk about the formation of the Appalachain.  The class hires a preceptor to help with logistics.

Francis notes that these trips have been effective in attracting students to the course