Extra Credit Office Hours

In SPU 14, Professor Charles Langmuir has a unique office hours policy where he holds office hours for three hours a week and goves students one extra credit point for every time they come and ask a question.  Charles established this policy because previously very few people came to office hours.  With the new policy, they are always full.  Specifically, office hours are open-door; multiple people can attend, and they are free to come and go.  He notes that students always write on their course evaluations that they like this policy.

Here is the description of the policy on the syllabus:

Professor Langmuir’s office hours policy: To encourage you to come to office hours you get additional credit for each office hours visit where you ask a question related to the course content. For each office hours visit , a point will be added to your final grade, up to a maximum of five (essentially half a grade). Office hours are in a group, so you do not wait in line but come and go freely according to your interest and schedule.