Science and Cooking Final Project


Pia Sörensen detailed out this month-long procedure for Science and Cooking students' final projects, which involve a report and a presentation on a food science related topic of a student groups' choice. 

Sörensen outlines the process like so:

week 1: group formation, project brainstorming, literature research, discussing with course staff, hand in proposal

week 2: project refinement, literature research, initial experiments, discussing with course staff, hand in 2nd proposal based on feedback on first

week 3-4: experiments in the cooking lab, discuss with course staff

week 5: write report (short, 3 pages), prepare presentation for the science fair, present at science fair

Students are expected to design and perform a research study aimed at understanding in scientific terms a recipe, culinary phenomenon, or culinary problem.

Further details can be found in the attached handout.

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