Daily ER18 Immersion

Guanchang Qian made every section and every day an active learning experience for her ER18 students to enhance not only students’ learning experiences, but also the students’ relations with their instructor. She exposed students to ER18 material every day through daily emails and supplementary readings.

She split up the weekly readings into seven parts, so students received daily emails with her partitions, as well as accompanying related articles. Before each week's section, each student was also assigned to submit five questions based on the readings to lead discussion sections. By the end of the term, the students had a list of questions and answers they could use to prepare for the final exam.

The goal of this activity was to provide students with a convenient way to keep up with the course and do well in it. Those who took advantage of her daily reading strategies said they added greatly to what they got out of the course and prepared them well for not only papers, but also exams. Not only were students well prepared for the course, but they also created meaningful relations with their teaching fellows through daily interactions. 

Although the activity was incredibly beneficial for the students, Qian notes it was a lot of work for the instructor. Sometimes scanning several hundred pages in a single day, cutting up the readings, and preparing daily questions were occasionally time-consuming, so she suggests for instructors who may implement this daily teaching strategy to give fewer, more carefully selected supplements, rather than whole chapters of books.