Analyzing Texts, Creating Art, and Learning Spanish

In Pre-Textos: Las artes interpretan, Latin American classics that might otherwise seem difficult become raw material for weekly creativity as students stretch their command of Spanish. Every week, students read a short, classic Spanish text, such as Borges' "La muerte y la brújula," and they create various types of art in order to build their language skills and their understanding of the text.  By inspiring painting, dance, play, music, sculpture, costumes, texts lead to deep and daring interpretations. Students learn that arts interpret and explore meanings and that theory is a user-friendly afterthought.  

Among other things, every week students bring outside texts that relate to the main text the class is reading.  This encourages deeper thinking about the meaning of the text in addition to increased exposure to Spanish.

See the syllabus below for more information.

This training prepares facilitation of Pre-Texts workshops in Boston and abroad.  For more information about Pre-texts, an initiative headed by Professor Doris Sommer, check out  Pre-texts' lessons apply to a wide range of language and literature learning goals at various levels of instructions.  Workshops, training, and materials are available.

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