Prize-Winning Activities

In Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015, we awarded our first, second, and third ABLConnect Teaching Innovator Prizes to faculty member and graduate student instructors whose teaching demonstrates a conscious effort to reach solid academic goals while challenging and engaging students in thoughtful, creative, or interesting ways.  Recipients were awarded an honorarium and the opportunity to film a testimonial about their activity.  Below are the winners.

Spring 2015

Dying in a New World by Christopher Allison

Farm to Fork Project by P.K. Newby

Real Estate Investment Pitch Project by Teo Nicolais

Peer Review Revisions by Samuel Ronfard

Fall 2014

From Text to Hypertext by Thenesoya Vidina Martín de la Nuez

Planning a Documentary Film on Developmental Biology by Kaitlyn Choi

Mock Congressional Hearing by Jonathan Bruno

Spring 2014

Name Five by Kellie Carter Jackson

Theme and Variations: Understanding Musical Style by Bill O'Hara

Mapping Indian Political Institutions by Emily Clough

Bring a Goddess to a Party by Maria Metzler

Globe Toss Icebreaker by Michael Parzen