Family Feud

This Family Feud-style discussion structure forces students to be be quick on their feet during section as they engage the material.

Transitions Jigsaw

Jigsaw activities have students work in groups to think about different articles.  The groups then come together and share their work to produce one detailed, comprehensive document on all the articles for the week.

The Minimal Group Paradigm

Are people predisposed to favor their own groups at the expense of others, even when the group distinction is completely arbitrary?  This activity replicates, more or less, the exact experiment used by Henri Tajfel to demonstrate the "minimal group paradigm" used in Social Identity Theory.

Unusual Asian Disease Outbreak

There has been an outbreak of an unusual Asian disease.  Which policy is best based on the scientific estimations of how many people will be saved?  This activity uses this example with poll everywhere ( technology to demonstrate framing and prospect theory.