French and the Community

  • Students develop their oral communication skills in a foreign language through teaching French to children.
  • Students gain teaching skills through planning and executing lessons. 
  • Students serve the Haitian community of Greater Boston by teaching children a language that is important to Haitian culture and acting as role models and mentors.
  • Students learn about Haitian culture through direct interaction with children and families.

Class: French 59: French and the Community

Introduction/Background: Undergraduate students enrolled in the course teach French to Haitian-American children at two community centers in Greater Boston on at least 3 Saturdays out of the 10 week term.  In class, students learn about Haitian culture, pedagogy, and French vocabulary and grammar in order to prepare them to teach students and improve their own mastery of French.

Speed Dating Elevator Talks

This activity, contributed by the Cornell Center for Teaching Excellence, was created for a graduate communications class to provide students with the opportunity to practice concise description of their graduate research projects.  Students go on "speed dates" to practice giving eloquent blurbs of their research.

Costa Rican Specimen Scavenger Hunt

Students embarked on this lab-based activity to help understand the species of Costa Rica. Graduate Student Teaching Fellow Alexis Harrison created this activity for her OEB 167 class to allow students to see and interact with preserved specimens from the Museum of Comparative Zoology, so they can further understand the types of animals they will see on their spring break trip to Costa Rica.

Patient Interviews

One unique feature of SCRB 167, "Stem Cells and Regeneration in the Pathobiology and Treatment of Human Disease," is the use of in-class patient interviews, in which students spend the final hour of a three-hour class asking questions of a live patient about his or her illness and experience.