Field Geology

    During J-Term prior to Field Geology (EPS74), students live in the Mojave desert for almost three weeks to map different pieces of the area in groups.  The data will eventually be compiled into a composite class map.

    French and the Community

    • Students develop their oral communication skills in a foreign language through teaching French to children.
    • Students gain teaching skills through planning and executing lessons. 
    • Students serve the Haitian community of Greater Boston by teaching children a language that is important to Haitian culture and acting as role models and mentors.
    • Students learn about Haitian culture through direct interaction with children and families.

    Class: French 59: French and the Community

    Introduction/Background: Undergraduate students enrolled in the course teach French to Haitian-American children at two community centers in Greater Boston on at least 3 Saturdays out of the 10 week term.  In class, students learn about Haitian culture, pedagogy, and French vocabulary and grammar in order to prepare them to teach students and improve their own mastery of French.

    Structured Field Assignment

    • To get students out of the “Harvard bubble” and help them learn about Boston’s diverse neighborhoods through conducting and analyzing observations and interviews.
    • To teach students about the ethnographic method, including interviews and field observation.
    • To equip students to be future members of urban communities by teaching them skills to appreciate and understand urban diversity, complexity, and context. 

    Class: United States in the World 24: Reinventing Boston: The Changing American City

    Introduction/Background: This course introduces students to Boston and the study of urban life through a variety of readings, discussion, guest lectures from practitioners, and visits to four neighborhoods in Boston. Students learn to utilize quantitative and geographical information to understand the city, and to conduct their own research through careful observation and interviews. Students visit multiple neighborhoods in Boston to practice these skills.