Midterm Madness Marathon

This review activity allows students to map concepts prior to the midterm as part of an engaging but challenging game.

The instructions are below, and the concept maps are in "Resources."

You’ll be working in groups to fill in these concept maps with as much information as you can fit in within the time limit. There’s an element of luck involved, because you’ll be working in different groups each round, and the groups will not always be even. I will collect the maps from you, and the groups will be ranked each round according to how complete their respective maps are: 4 points if you’re in the winning team, 3 points if you’re the runner-up, etc. Because we’ll be switching groups each round, everyone will have a different point tally. The person with the greatest total number of points, which I’ll announce over email after section, will get to choose his or her prize.

[*prize = a choice between a berryline card, and a letterpress birthday card]
[** a twist: the instructor provided concept maps for economic development, democratization and revolution.  She pretended she had prepared one for ethnicity / ethnic conflict as well.  However, when the students turned over their sheets of paper for ethnicity/ethnic conflict, they found out they were blank, so they had to construct their own concept maps for this topic.]


concept_maps_merged.pdf128 KB